Interview Marc

Interview Marc

We are thrilled to have recently spoken with Marc Giljohann, one of DMP’s earliest German employees who has been with the company for an impressive five years. We couldn’t wait to interview him and learn more about his experiences and insights.

Marc initially applied to work as a support technician at DMP, but he ended up landing a job as a sales representative after his interview with Eric Evers, one of the company’s CEOs. Eric was looking for someone who could effectively communicate with customers about the benefits of the Commvault product and deliver engaging presentations. Despite having a technical background (Marc and Eric worked together at Commvault in the past), Marc embraced his new role and became the first official sales representative (in addition to Eric who at the time also played a significant role in sales) covering Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

For the past five years, Marc has been focused on growing DMP’s support department in Germany, which he sees as crucial to the company’s success. Rather than being driven by commissions, Marc thinks about how much margin he needs to hire new support staff. He also values the flexibility that DMP offers, particularly when it comes to granting employees time off for personal situations. In return, he believes that employees should be loyal and willing to go the extra mile for the company. 

When asked about the differences between Germans and Dutch, Marc explained that the Dutch tend to approach work with more intensity and prioritize work-life balance, while Germans tend to be more rigid about working hours. Nevertheless, Marc (and more of his German colleagues) often works late into the night to complete quotes for customers. In Germany, DMP’s primary focus is on backup and recovery with Commvault, while in the Netherlands, there is also a focus on Cohesity and Netapp. There is frequent collaboration between the German and Dutch teams, because for instance the Project management team is based in the Netherlands.  

As the first sales representative in Germany, Marc sees himself as a coach and mentor to new colleagues. He takes pride in the German sales team’s high scores on the employee engagement tool Officevibe. Although remote work can be challenging, Marc believes that exchanging ideas and providing support can help maintain strong relationships within the team. 

As we conclude our interview with Marc, we would like to leave you with his inspiring words about DMP: “Working for DMP has been a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, where I can pursue the company’s mission without compromising my work-life balance. DMP has provided me with an ideal environment to grow as an individual and think outside the box. I hope to continue working in this manner for many years to come.” 


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