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DMP Backup Appliance

Effective back-up management can often present quite a puzzle for many IT departments. They have to make choices in hardware, software and support and then combine all of the puzzle pieces into a working solution. Often it seems, over the course of time, that components do not always work together well. Then there is usually no return. 

DMP Backup Appliance

DataManagement Professionals (DMP) solves this problem once and for all with the DMP Backup Appliance. This is a preconfigured back-up solution we have compiled based on CommVault and NetApp technology. This appliance gives IT departments a turnkey system that can be immediately used for the back-up of physical and virtual servers. This way we can bring a definitive end to the traditional component approach. It’s no longer a puzzle, but rather a total solution for all back-up needs.

Experience and expertise 

The DMP Backup Appliance was developed based on our long-standing experience with and expertise in CommVault data management software and NetApp storage hardware. We combined the technology of these two market leaders into a standardised and completely fine-tuned back-up solution for companies that are searching for a reliable, on-premise back-up environment. The DMP Backup Appliance distinguishes itself by its very fast availability and combines this with simple management, a high degree of scalability and easy integration into an existing environment. The solution therefore responds to the demand for more flexibility and less complexity within IT infrastructures.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Speed. The DMP Appliance has been entirely pre-configured based on customer wishes and requirements. Thanks to this, the solution can be rendered operational within several hours, which increases the return on investment.
  • Flexibility. CommVault and NetApp are known for their flexibility and their focus on offering scalable solutions that seamlessly grow right along with the organisation. 
  • Security. With the DMP Appliance, an IT department will never again need to ask itself whether all components are aligned with each other. DMP has fully fine-tuned the solution and guarantees a validated system that fulfils every promise in the back-up area.
  • Safety. With the DMP Appliance, the entire back-up process can be set up safely and reliably. Storage administrators are aware of the progress and completion of back-ups at all times. This helps decrease the administrative burden and gives administrators more room for strategic tasks.
  • Usable in a hybrid environment. More and more organisations are considering putting parts of their back-up process in the cloud. The DMP Backup Appliance is fully ready to work in hybrid environments with a mix of on-premise and cloud storage.


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