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With Data Management as a Service (DmaaS) DMP offers a service that meets the increasing demand for good, flexible solutions in the fields of back-up, archiving and Disaster Recovery. The service was developed based on the wishes and requirements of customers who are looking for a pay-per-use, standardised back-up and archiving solution for their physical and virtual servers, whereby a local back-up is made and a back-up copy is placed in the DMP cloud which is used for Disaster Recovery.

Data Management as a Service features efficient local back-ups combined with back-up and Disaster Recovery (DR) in the cloud. The new service hence offers a powerful solution for companies that want to take advantage of the cloud but are also dealing with a legacy environment and a legacy back-up platform. In such a situation, they run into limitations regarding scalability and reliability. 

With DMaaS they can resolve all of their problems at once because DMP provides one solution for backing up physical and virtual servers (Hyper-V and VMware). DMP provides hardware for making local, deduplicated back-ups to disk and for copying these deduplicated, compressed and encoded data to the DMP cloud. Here, business-critical servers must be restored on virtual servers so that they quickly become available again in the event of an emergency. The DMP cloud is based on a Tier-3 data centre in the heart of the Netherlands, which can be visited together with DMP upon request.

DMP monitors the entire back-up process so that data availability and integrity are ensured. Customers pay a fixed amount per month, based on the number of terabytes in their environment and the number of servers to be restored. 

The important benefits of DMaaS are as follows:

  • Reliable back-ups and Disaster Recovery without a need for major investments in software and hardware;
  • Lower maintenance costs by phasing out local tapes and other storage hardware;
  • Local back-ups that are immediately available for daily restores and cloud back-up for emergencies;
  • Complete management by a team of experts.


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