DMP is one of very few Commvault Platinum resellers in Europe with this status. Commvault only awards this status to partners that have an exceptional high knowledge level of Commvault software and excel in customer satisfaction. 
Thanks to this Tier 2 Support status, DMP has direct access to the Commvault Thanks to this Tier 2 Support status, DMP has direct access to the Commvault development team, to escalate specific customer support cases. This optimized process eliminates the need to go through Commvault’s regular support channels for difficult issues and gives DMP direct access to the developers that actually write the software. This leads to a quicker resolution of complex support issues, which will benefit DMP’s Commvault customers.
Tier 2 Support partners stand out because of their proven knowledge and expertise in the Commvault software and also require a very high support incident deflection rate. The incident deflection rate is the number of support incidents that is resolved by DMP, without help from Commvault. DMP has had a 97% incident deflection rate for several quarters in a row and is ranked among the top three Commvault partners in the world. In addition, Commvault certifies Tier 2 Support partners based on a number of Support Advanced and the Support Master certifications. This Support Master certification is the same certification Commvault’s own support engineers need to pass, before they are eligible to get the Tier 2 status. DMP is therefore very proud to achieve this arduous Support Master certification.  

Patrick Stouten, Manager Professional Services at DMP: "We are proud to reach this important Tier 2 Support status. DMP positions itself as a knowledge center for data management. The newly acquired status validates the fact that we are investing heavily in knowledge and expertise of the solutions we provide. Everything we do is focused on delivering the best solutions and support to our customers. Thanks to this status, they will receive the highest level of support." 

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