For an increasing number of organisations, data management is vital, while it is not their core business and they do not have the necessary knowledge. In that case, data management as a service (DMaaS) is the ideal solution, and this applies to anyone, from accountancy firms, video production companies and day nurseries to banks. It does not matter if an organisation is big or small, customised DMaaS solutions are always available.
The benefits of DMaaS can be summarised in three reasons:
1. Flexibility
These days, scalability is of vital importance: in the case of a big project, for instance, a lot of people need temporary access to the data, or when an organisation grows, it needs additional storage. Another reason may be that after a reorganisation, a business only needs half the number of bytes. It will save businesses a lot of time and money when they can scale up and down easily and flexibly. DMaaS does not ask for major initial investments and as such it is cost-effective and efficient. 
DMaaS is flexible, scalable and cost-effective
2. Local storage
When sensitive information needs to be stored securely, a private cloud solution is ideal for many businesses. At DMP we store data in private clouds in the country of the organisation in question. We have highly secure private clouds in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Germany, Spain and England, which are subject to the legislation of the EU country in question. It is good to know that your data is not subject to any patriot act. 
Also, in the event of data recovery, the data can be (physically) retrieved fast. The online, cloud and/or web environment can be live again very soon. So even in the worst-case scenario, when your entire premises burn down, salesmen and account managers will be able to resume their duties quickly. 
DMaaS is local and strong
3. Reliability
Whatever your business is engaged in: data has to be properly secured for the continuity of that business. DMaaS guarantees high levels of security. Specialists are dedicated to the security of data. DMP has been around since 2007 and specialises in data management, so we know the ropes and make sure that we keep our knowledge of security up to date. In partnership with 2ML, we only offer the most reliable DMaaS options. 
DMaaS is properly secured and reliable 


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