DMP opens local office in South Africa

DMP opens local office in South Africa

DataManagement Professionals (DMP), European specialists in complete solutions for secure and reliable data management, has announced the opening of a South African branch as of January 2019.

DMP South Africa will offer a comprehensive range of data management support and services, including pay-per-use Data Management as a Service (DMaaS). This ensures that the South African market will be empowered to leverage cost-effective, best practice data management utilising leading platforms and services.

Data lifeblood of an organization

In a world where data has become the lifeblood of any organisation, effective data management is critical to business continuity. DMP assists organisations to store, protect and manage their data, providing a service that supports the core business while adding value through innovative technology. Furthermore, the DMaaS model is an attractive and affordable option for the South African mid-market and enterprises alike.

From backup and recovery to hybrid cloud environments, storage and protection to a complete managed service, DMP offers a complete range of solutions. An added benefit is that South African businesses are able to use best practice services to effectively manage and maintain their data assets.

Extend DMP’s offering

Iniel Dreyer, a stalwart in the South African data management and backup arena, has been appointed to head up DMP South Africa as the local Managing Director (MD). He says, “The consequences of ineffective data management and backup can be catastrophic for any organisation. A ‘do-it-yourself’ approach might seem attractive when budgets are tight, but given the complexities of today’s data landscape, it typically turns into a costly and complex exercise. We are now able to extend DMP’s offering to South Africa, assisting businesses to reduce complexity and costs.”

DMP originated in the Netherlands more than a decade ago and has since grown to include branches in Germany, Denmark, Spain and the United Kingdom. The South African branch is the company’s first venture into the African market, a move that DMP’s CTO, Eric Evers, hopes will open up a number of new opportunities.

He says, “The move into South Africa is a highly strategic one for us as it is a fast-growing market that has many synergies with Europe. By establishing a footprint in South Africa we can now offer services and solutions to local organisations from a local provider that has international experience and expertise. We will be deploying our offering utilising the same blueprint that we have perfected over the years with our European rollouts,” he says.

Data centre in South Africa

DMP are also exploring the potential of opening a data centre in South Africa in the near future, providing the ability to conduct local backups and offer standard applications out of a localised cloud. This will assist organisations to achieve their cloud objectives and leverage backup and storage as a service in regulated industries where data storage and protection legislation must be kept in-country.

“We will be utilising a combination of local expertise and international skill to ensure the exchange of information and knowledge. In this way we will ensure our local customers receive the best possible service and solutions. South African organisations can expect global best practice services and solutions, a highly efficient data centre, and the delivery of data management as a service for the local market,” Dreyer concludes.

DMP South Africa is located in Johannesburg and offers fully managed services and solutions to customers across the country and beyond into Africa and the Middle East.

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