Bell ID

Bell ID

Technology company standardizes on Commvault platform and DMP Cloud.

The increasing virtualization of servers at the Rotterdam technology company Bell ID in Rotterdam led to bottlenecks in the backup process. The existing solution was insufficiently able to secure the increasing number of virtual machines quickly and efficiently. Bell ID called in DMP, which created a new data management environment based on Commvault software. „We can now sleep peacefully again,“ says Richard van Duuren, IT manager at Bell ID.

Bell ID develops software for banks to enable mobile payment. From the head office in Rotterdam, technical experts are active for customers worldwide. Bell ID has been active since 1993; initially the emphasis was on managing personal data on chip cards. Nowadays, Bell ID’s software ensures that this data can also be loaded on mobile phones, which means that physical cards and wallets will no longer be needed. The company has been part of the American Rambus Security since 2016.


For Bell ID, reliable data backup is crucial. However, due to the rapidly increasing server virtualization in recent years, the backup process requires more and more time and attention. The existing solution was not equipped to quickly and efficient
back up the greatly increased number of virtual machines.
This prompted Richard van Duuren to look for an alternative. “Important requirements that we set were simplicity and reliability, an active notification of issues from the environment, a simple restore process, an incremental backup process locally and to the DMP Cloud, and a tape environment for long-term backups.” In addition, a new platform had to be widely applicable. “With a view to a very broad clientele, we support almost every platform, from Windows and Linux to Solaris and AIX. That also creates additional requirements for a backup environment.”

Storage Expo

During the Storage Expo exhibition, Van Duuren talked to DMP about the existing back-up challenges. DMP proposed a modernization process based on the data management software from Commvault. This solution is ideal for the specific situation at Bell ID. In addition to full platform independence, Commvault provides backup support for every hypervisor, making it easy to back up virtual machines. In addition, this platform makes it easy to centrally manage all data on disk and tape. Van Duuren therefore opted for the implementation of Commvault, which immediately yielded concrete benefits.


Van Duuren cites the greatly improved insight into data growth as the first advantage. “With our old solution we didn’t have a detailed picture of that. Commvault offers the opportunity to discover trends in data growth so that you can better prepare for the future. You also know exactly which media contains which data. In addition, there is a much better understanding of how successful backups are. Furthermore, restoring data is much easier than before. We can sleep peacefully now.”


The importance of a good backup is underlined, among other things, by the Proofs of Concept that Bell ID regularly performs for customers. “The data that is used for this is of course crucial for the success of such a PoC. They are therefore continuously backed up. In addition, we offer 24×7 support to customers, where the availability of support data is of great importance”, says Van Duuren, who looks back on a successful modernization process. “We now have a future-proof backup environment with off-site mirroring to the DMP data centre, ensuring disaster recovery. We also benefit from the broad knowledge and expertise of DMP, which has provided us with excellent advice and support in many areas.”


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